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Wrenchophone for "Socket Monkey" Tour - 2010Composers Paul Coleman and David Plylar discussing writing for the wrenchophone at a hardware store in Fredonia, NY - 2010David, conductor Lyk Temmingh and composer Pierre Henry Wicomb, Durban, South Africa - 2011David and composer Pierre Henry Wicomb during a new music reading, Durban, South Africa - 2011Melanie Sehman practices David's "Socket Monkey" piece for two wrenchophones in a hardware store in Fredonia, NY - 2010Composers Paul COleman and David Plylar during the Wrenchophone Tour - 2010David talks about his work for wrenchophones in a hardware store in Rochester, NY - 2010Composers Hans Huyssen and David Plylar at a new music reading session in Durban, South AFrica - 2011David talks about contemporary music at the University of Denver - 2010Warming up for a performance with "Out of Context" while on tour in Boulder, CO - 2010Rehearsing in Messinger Hall in Rochester, NY - 2010Tour Poster featuring music for Wrenches - 2010Pianist Bobby Mitchell and David taking a break from rehearsing the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto with the KZNPO - 2010Warming up before "Out of Context" trio concert in Boulder, CO - 2010"Out of Context" founders David Plylar and Alison Lowell in Pasadena, CA - 2010"Out of Context" and the "Proper Glue Duo" performing at SUNY Fredonia - 2010"Out of Context" performs in Chicago, IL - 2007Performing music for Wrenches at Mayer Hardware in Rochester, NY - 2010David with Author and Professor Reinhild Steingrover in Rochester, NY - 2009David with oboist Alison Lowell and composer Ryan Oldham in Kansas City, MO - 2007